PILIPINAS- Nathaniel San Carlos recently joined the Guerilla Evolution: Cage Wars Fight Night- 2 on June 21.

“I lost the fight via decision. The canvas has very poor traction, but no excuses, the opponent was a better fighter,”

said Naga native.

“I’ll bounce back stronger,”

he added.

The 23-year-old Nathaniel learns to play Thai Boxing last 2017. He never thought that his hobby will be his sport up to this day.

“I started to play Muay Thai during the summer of 2017. I was looking for leisure but in a sporty way. My lifestyle that time became unhealthy that is why I tried Thai Boxing.”

At his age, he never doubted that he played the sport, local mixed martial artists Kevin Belington and Danny Kingad and Boxer living legend Manny Pacquiao and Nietes made a big impact for Nathaniel as he pursues playing the sport he loves.

One year later he eventually tried to compete, as a first-timer, he already won silver amid the National Muay Thai Open 2018.

Nathaniel San Carlos is indeed one of the aspiring Atleta to be inspired by his dedication and strong faith.

There will never past the point of no return for the person you needed to be.

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